You didn’t miss much

Found Agency in Australia had a quick question regarding the Time Magazine Article on Google.  I figured I would save you guys the time and give you a quick skinny on what was said (trust me you didn’t miss much).  We subscribe to the magazine and have the print edition.

First off the article is filled with Google promotion, meaning it shows all the employees running around with crayons drawing pictures on the walls, playing with Legos, and riding scooters to and from meetings, swimming in the Google pool, have 3 huge google paid for meals per day, having their pet dogs run thoughout the offices and playing pool during their breaks.

It initally shows Google as a unstoppable machine, then dribbles on potential threats, even has 1 line on the recent Google Censorship row with China.

In short, you guys really didn’t miss much.

ps: feel free to take off the nofollow back 🙂

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