Yooter InterActive Offers SEO Plan for Ad Agencies and Clients

Yooter InterActive Marketing, LLC Launches Advertising Agency Plan for Agency of Record Firms

Breakthrough plan encourages cooperation between traditional rivals, Ad Agencies and SEO Agencies.
Pottsville, PA (PRWEB) June 29th 2006 – Yooter InterActive Marketing (https://www.yooter.com) is introducing a breakthrough SEO/SEM service plan designed to effectively work in conjunction with Advertising and Marketing Agencies. For the first time in history, advertising spending for online marketing has surpassed spending for traditional advertising channels such as print advertising. This statistic is not a fluke and will most likely be a continuing trend as more and more businesses and organizations turn to online advertising for the most efficient and effective means of reaching their target audience.
Historically there has always been a disconnect between Ad Agencies and SEO Agencies. Ad Agencies focus more towards look and feel and how to present the client, SEO Agencies focus more towards search engine results and rankings. The problem is generally firms hire out the Ad Agency first, then hire the SEO Agency to re-do the website the Ad Agency just created. We aim to address this issue by having SEO built in initially, saving everyone a headache so the product is offered from the initial client consultation. This saves the Agency and the client the time delay of having to rebuild a website that was just built due to the lack of Search Engine Optimization.
Our plan is to combine Advertising Agencies and SEO Agencies to help increase the ROI for clients. Any successful Advertising Agencies realize the power of branding awareness using organic search engine optimization techniques that comply with the Google, Yahoo and MSN guidelines.
In any online marketplace, the core principles of advertising still hold true:
Whether your clients products are individual goods, product lines or services, their ultimate success online depends on how, and if their products can be found.
Savvy shoppers are no longer looking to the Yellow Pages, circulars or consumer reports magazines in order to do research on the products or services they are looking to buy. They turn to the Internet in order to find all the information they could ever want and then some. They conduct price, quality and service comparisons between different companies all in one easy to navigate information source from the comfort of their home or office.
Location, location, location is as important online as it is for any brick and mortar business, if not more. This is particularly true when it comes to site ranking and placement in the search engines for the keyword specific products and/or services they offer.
Online promotion is one of the most efficient and effective means of promotion available to any online company or organization. What other advertising channel has the capacity to reach millions of potential buyers, with a customized look and message, for a fraction of the cost of one print advertisement?
Yooter Interactive Marketing, LLC understands Advertising Agencies, as many of them are our clients. We understand the need for Agencies to help build brand awareness as well as contribute to the overall ROI for their clients. Search Engine Optimization has been shown to deliver the highest ROI of all forms of marketing and advertising, if done correctly. Because of this need, we feel that joining forces with similar minded Advertising entities will help the clients on multiple levels.
We also understand the Ad Agencies need to develop their own business model and are justified in requesting volume discounts for services. Yooter Interactive Marketing, LLC will work with you to ensure a mutually beneficial business relationship. From our experience in dealing with a variety of advertising agencies, we know that some agencies prefer to be the sole point of contact with their clients, regardless of the service. In these instances, we have no problem assisting your clients as an accessory under your company umbrella.
Our goal is the same as yours, to increase your clients ROI and brand awareness while helping them reach their marketing objectives. We also offer similar plans for web developers, interactive agencies, and other online marketers. Please Contact us and let us show you how we could help your agency.
About Yooter InterActive, LLC
Yooter InterActive is a leading Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Agency that deals primarily with fortune 100 firms or Ad Agencies that service fortune 100 firms. We were founded in late 2004 and have been growing exponentially. Our employees are moderators at Threadwatch.org , Searchguild.Com and Aosep.com , as well as other leading SEO news and forum sites. \

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