Wild Plane Ride!


I won the bid at the Schuylkill Vision auction and the award was a bi-plane ride with Tony from Extol Business Integration Software.

Here are the raw files from the digital camcorder from our Bi-Plane ride with Tony from Extol. We were super impressed with the ride. Below that are the same videos we posted on YouTube.

Tony flew the plane perfectly, it’s a awesome bi-plane, complete with leather skullcap and optional Goggles…. I will admit I had my eyes closed for part of it, never been on a Bi-Plane before, it was an AMAZING ride. I thought to myself, yea I can handle a rollercoaster.

Sorry Coaster fans, it’s not even close…. that Bi-Plane is the thrill ride of a lifetime.


You can of course view the YouTube Version, however the Resolution is alittle shaky.

This was the thrill ride of a lifetime. I strongly suggest next year we get another bidding war going for it at the Vision program.

I was happy to co-win it with Empire Beauty School

We were impressed with the cheap walmart digital camcorder we got as well for the trip, for 50 bucks and a 2 GB SD stick we had a decent play.

As you will notice we posted the raw data feeds in .ASF format (it’s what the camera pushes out by default). Now this is the bugger, we posted them on YouTube for everyone to see, the resolution was cut down in 1/2, if not worse. The Wal-Mart Camera did ok, it was a DXG 3.0 camera… nothing special, just a decent VERY low end camera.

But the second the videos were posted on Youtube it went from being a low end camera 2006-7 model to being a 1994 model…

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