Why would Webmasterword ban themselves in Google, Yahoo and MSN?

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Honestly we feel there is more to the story then Webmasterworld is telling us. Let’s face it, a website that has a huge percentage of it allocated to SEO would want to be banned in Google?

We have pushed the limits of page delivery, banning, ip based, agent based, and down right cloaking to avoid the rogue bots – but it is becoming an increasingly difficult problem to control.

Down Right Cloaking

These are the Terms and Conditions from Google Guidelines.

Don’t employ cloaking or sneaky redirects.

Google Banned WebmasterWorld not the other way around.

Google sent him by far and large the most traffic..

So when Google gave him the ax.. he figured he would ban Yahoo and MSN because at most that cost him an additional 5-10% so then he could say that ‘I banned all bots’ and get’s a media bonazna.

In our opinion and based upon the documented evidence, we feel that Google banned Webmasterworld and not vice versa.

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