Social Media — and what it means to your company

We at Yooter InterActive take pride in the fact that we were one of the first firms in the country to adopt social media as our primary route to online advertising. We have become experts in Twitter, Digg, Facebook and others.

With the record growth of Twitter for example, we have been able to service our clients to extreme levels that other advertising agencies have yet to adopt as a core method of advertising…. but doing well in Twitter is meaningless if not combined with other advertising aspects.

You need a robust blogging platform, you need a robust mobile plan (that includes Twitter), you need a presence on Digg, you need a robust website and you need all these working as a well oiled machine to make it happen.

It’s the online equal to a comprehensive integrated advertising program, and that’s just not one aspect of social media, it’s the whole farm that needs to be thrown at it.

In this recession, social media and SEO will deliver the highest ROI of all marketing forms, if done correctly. Correctly being the keyword.

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