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Sometimes one asks why many SEO firms are good at Social Media? The question is pretty simple. SEO firms were the first social media ad agencies, for good reason.

How else were we to obtain links for our clients?

A few years ago we were faced with a dilemma, how can we increase our clients rankings in Google without violating any guidelines in the process. The idea was the same as always, make good content… but how did we notify the world that the good content is at our client site?

Years ago that was normally done via a press release.. we’d shell out X dollars for a press release service and then cross fingers that the right people found it.

We still do press releases, but if the content is good we make sure it’s released out on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, a short Youtube video to go with it, we blog about it, in essence we push out a full social media campaign to get the world out.

It’s why SEO firms were the first Social Media Marketing Agencies. It’s because it was the only real valid way to attract attention to our client and their content using unpaid media to reduce our client spend and increase their ROI.

Let’s face it, most companies invest very little in high ROI advertising Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, instead choosing to invest in lower ROI branding and traditional campaigns.

A typical national TV campaign would most likely buy 10 years worth of SEO and Social Media, but the overlooked fact never promoted by the advertising agencies (they lack the skill set to make a profit from it) nor the CMO of the company because of the advice from the advertising agency.

“The Gold is over here people, but don’t tell the client.”

Honestly by now many companies should be spending at least 30% of their advertising budget on Social Media and Search Engine Optimization, at least the firms that normally blow their spend on TV, Newspaper, yellow page and Magazine Ads…

That’s my personal opinion as the founder of Yooter InterActive, it’s what I thought the industry would move towards circa 2004 when I started the firm and slowly it’s becoming more and more of the truth..

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