SEO for Politicians and people running for office

The last thing a politician needs is to rank poorly, or worse, rank well for terms they don’t want to rank for.

We have done extensive work for some of the biggest names in Politics. Typically it’s through their advertising agency that subcontracts the Political SEO to Yooter.

Though we do accept accounts directly though the respective campaign.

Every 4 years this becomes a bigger and bigger issue.

Win or Lose, the campaigns only really run until the election. These are not long term “business building” accounts. These individuals need help, and need it now during the election season. Long term doesn’t cut it during an election. This is why in many cases politicians have hired us though their advertising agency who subcontracted it to us and didn’t realize we were the ones doing their SEO.

We have been “blamed” in some circles for influencing some tight campaigns in favor of our client. We have worked with many of the current elected officials.

Yooter InterActive is opening the doors to Federal, State and even local political campaigns to have their SEO professional managed. We have helped elect people to Washington and state capitals for decades.

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