There are reports coming out of Europe that the SERPS are changing wildly.

We in the United States are waking up to some wild changes for some of our clients, and minor if any changes for others.

We have not seen wild changes in Google’s rankings in quite some time. Over the past few years Google has rolled out slowly any modifications to how it ranks websites. However today it appears that they just pushed out something considerable and this was not rolled out, this was pushed out.

It appears at first glance to be Real-time Penguin. Search Engine News reported earlier this month that all the disavow links will be filtered out in real time.

This most likely means that all those disavows that people have been submitting to webmaster tools are now implemented at the same time. Causing chaos in the SERPS for the next few days.

This is wild, but most likely will settle down in a few days.

It’s fantastic opportunity to see how the results change so quickly. We have not seen these types of fluctuations since the mid 2000’s.