Open Letter to Target

In case you haven’t noticed, you have somewhat of an issue heading into Christmas. People are scared to shop at your locations due to the recent credit card / debit card disaster.

10% off won’t cut it. No one is going to head into Target and swipe their credit card to purchase anything from your locations until we are 100% positive that the security issue is resolved.

Perhaps using the adaptive glass method would solve your problems but you would have to offer 10% off on gift cards, not just a discount on products today. The reason the adaptive glass method would work is because they would accept the money for the discounted gift cards rather than directly though Target’s compromised system.

This is most likely the best solution for you. However based on the reaction that Target gave their existing clients, such as this women who lost $1,200 through credit card fraud due to lack of security at Target we don’t expect much.

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