Online Crisis Management

What is Online Crisis Management?

This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You are having a major problem with your online presence. When we receive the call for this, generally things have already gone wrong, the problem however, may vary.

Reputation Management

Bloggers are having a field day on your company’s site. Forums are running a muck with negative statements and outrageous accusations about your firm. To make matters worse this negative press is being indexed right and left by search engines and ranking on first page of search engines under your company name. Yooter InterActive has developed a 3-prong method to counter this. The majority of our clients hire Yooter to fix these problems; we generally can replace this negative press with positive press and statements using our powerful unmatched online marketing capabilities and proprietary technology.

SEO Crisis

This is another online crisis that can have a major impact on your business. Your site has been banned for violating Google guidelines. Your visitor count has dropped to almost zero? You don’t rank for any of your desired keywords, that you previously had? Whatever the issue is, Yooter Interactive will be able to take a look at the situation and fix or make recommendations to get your site operational again and get you back in business