MSN market share drops like a brick and 5 reasons why

Why MSN lost so much market share? 

MSN Market share dropped like a brick losing 10% market share and putting them on par with AOL, a Google client/reseller.

Google Search                          3,035,617     22.6%     50.8%
Yahoo! Search                          1,412,904     30.1%     23.6%
MSN/Windows Live Search            499,946     -9.7%      8.4%
AOL Search                                 362,140      7.8%      6.1%
We could attribute this to several reasons, one of the reasons is a poorly executed marketing plan another being perhaps the worst search engine results (in our opinion).

1) When Microsoft resorts to posting an all flash hot babe as a search engine because no one else was visiting the website it raises red flags.

2) The engine itself fails to index authority sites.   A random example would be a search for names of exact websites leads to anything but their website.

This is the search in Google for ‘The Mabus Project’


This is the same search in Yahoo

 #1 Mabus.Biz

This is the same search in MSN

#1 is a website that discusses The Mabus Project … but not the official site.

This is normal in terms MSN, dropping the authority site and putting 10 blog spammers up instead.   In essance their results reflect their market share.

3) The load speed of MSN on a Broadband connection is roughly 6 times longer than that of Google.  In short people just don’t want to wait.  It feels like one is loading MSN via a 14.4 modem rather than a T1 line.

4) Too much stuff on the main page of MSN.Com forcing one to go to just to get away from Britney Spears pictures and look more towards the topics I am searching for (Yahoo is guilty of this as well).

5) The Word Microsoft might actually be hurting them, switching overall to Live.Com might be better for them.

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