How To Add Fedex to Shopify

Adding FedEx to your Shopify store is a great way to provide customers with reliable shipping options and increase customer satisfaction. The process of integrating FedEx into your Shopify store is simple and straightforward. Here is how to add Fedex to Shopify in just a few easy steps!

How To Add Fedex to Shopify Steps

The first step in adding FedEx to your Shopify store is to log in to your Shopify admin. Once you’re logged in, select the “Shipping” option on the left-hand panel.

Here, you should see an option for “Add Shipping Carrier” – click it! On the next page, select “FedEx” from the list of carriers.

You will then be prompted for your FedEx account credentials: enter those details and click save.

It’s really that easy!

Choose Your Shipping Rates

Now that you’ve added your FedEx account, you’ll need to set up your shipping rates.

On the Shipping page in Shopify, you will see a section labeled “Rates and Services” – click it! Here you can select which services you want to offer through FedEx and customize their respective shipping rates.

Once you are satisfied with your settings, click save.

How To Add Fedex to Shopify Summary

You have now successfully integrated FedEx into your Shopify store!

Now customers who check out from your store can choose between multiple reliable shipping options provided by FedEx.

This should help increase customer satisfaction and improve the overall customer experience on your site. Congratulations!

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