Automated SEO tools – they don’t work

From time to time reading on some SEO forum , subreddit or other outlet tends to see someone mention a software package for automated SEO.

By and large these things don’t work.    SEO and Marketing isn’t something that can really be automated.  It takes hard work,  large amounts of compelling content and a logical platform to place that content on.

Some automated approach isn’t going to work.   Even for tracking it becomes problematic.   You can’t hope to run an effective campaign with a robot.     If one takes that approach it’s akin to removing your marketing department and replacing it with a php script.

When doing an effective SEO campaign,  you have to put hard work into that campaign,  you have to publish good content.   You can’t just press a button and sit back.     This is why firms like Yooter exist,  it’s because you can’t trust your SEO and Social campaigns to a program that everyone else is using.  

Google rewards uniqueness and content.  It tends to penalize content scrapers and automated programs.    

Even tools that track rankings can’t really factor in the customized results and geolocation driven results that Google provides.   In other words you can’t trust automated tools to even keep track of your rankings, much less increase them.

For the past two decades I have been doing search engine optimization,  I have yet to find a program that works and does not violate Google Guidelines which specifically ban against automatic queries to Google such as a rank reporting tool.  I have also never found a program that increases rankings using an automated program.   I am not saying the technology won’t exist one day.   I am just saying that it doesn’t now.

I would challenge anyone to show me a program that does not violate these guidelines and does what is advertised.

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