You can’t do print media advertising and claim you are green.

Green is a word that is abused to extreme levels. When Traditional Ad Agencies are flouting the green theme, despite being one of the biggest advertisers in rain forest chopping print media it’s time for a clear definition of what Green is.

Green is a color, but also it symbolizes treating the environment with respect. It means not burning fossil fuels to distribute magazines, it means not chopping down trees to put your ads on. In essence, you can’t do print media and claim you are running a green campaign. The term print media green campaign is the definition of oxymoron.

Truly your options are Internet marketing, Radio and TV if you want to have some semblance of a green themed campaign, and generally speaking the only way to measure ROI extensively at a granular level is via online.

We at Yooter InterActive work exclusively online, we don’t pay others to cut down trees to distribute our clients print material, because we don’t have print material.

We don’t even invoice via print, we send e-mail invoices and our clients pay their bills online. Our feeling is simple, you can’t run a green campaign if you are chopping down trees.

We challenge any traditional print heavy advertising agency to this fact.

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