Yooter InterActive Scores a double digit success rate in Digg for Social Media Optimization

Pottsville, PA – Yooter InterActive Marketing Agency announces a double digit success rate in promoting websites on Digg on the main page using nothing more than good titles and descriptions and linking the Digg story to a well written article.  This is based on roughly a 1000 submissions.  That means that hundreds of our stories have made it to the main page of Digg.
This does not mean spammy tactics like multiple accounts that would get someone banned.   It means we used good valuable content.  Plenty of ‘how to’s’ and promotion of the stories, using mainstream ‘whitehat’ tactics such as simple well done integration with Digg using Digg provided tools (such as a submit to Digg button on each blog post).

From our research, we are the only Marketing firm that has had such success in terms of a percentage in Social Media Optimization.  We have successfully delivered tens of thousands of unique visitors to targeted sites based on unique content and proper promotion.

Not many Internet Marketing Companies could claim hundreds of stories that have made it to the main page of Digg.

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