Windows is Hazardous to your SEO Health

We have been saying this for ages, but finally it came from Matt Cutts ASP.NET 2 can be harmful to your Google rankings.

Currently as it stands a decent part of our more recent clients have came in with serious 302 redirect problems. After an exhaustive recurse throughout their code to fix it and some serious work on their server they can be fixed. But honestly the real solution to the problem would be to host on a Unix platform.

The Current issue is it returns a 302 without giving any destination URL.  Meaning in English,  the page should be there and show a 200 code.. but instead it shows a redirect code but never redirects you.

Thank you Matt for publishing it.

We know that sounds like a cop-out, but the headaches are substantial regarding it. By default Windows loves to throw up these 302 redirects and messing around with a start button and a series of commands to get a 302 to show a 301 or a 200 takes some time, while in Linux or FreeBSD, a simple edit of the .htaccess file fixes it site-wide.

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