Wikipedia Pollution in Google

I would like to formally request a Wikipedia only search from google, make it a tab like for Google News, Video, etc.. and get the Wikipedia pollution out of the SERPS.

I don’t have a problem with Wikipedia,  I have a problem with it taking over Google Results.

Wikipedia has a tendency to add nofollow tags on all legit outbound links, in essance hording Google’s PageRank.. (People link to Wikipedia, Wikipedia doesn’t link out).

Wikipedia could be considered a parasite when it references articles as a source for it’s content, but delivers a nofollow link to that source.

The solution would be to provide a tab that delivers Wikipedia only results, and remove Wikipedia from the general SERPS. That way the general public if they are looking for a Wikipedia Definition of the search query, they could get it.  Because 99% of the time, we are not looking for a Wikipeida article, even though that article ranks for every single related term.

This thought occured to me when reading this threadwatch post  Please Digg this article if you agree.

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