Welcome Tree Armor!

We wanted to welcome Tree Armor. A Pennsylvania based company that has invented an innovative Tree Guard to protect landscaping from Deer Antlers, Weed wackers and even your lawn mower.

The product is highly innovative in the fact that it’s almost completely invisible, yet protects your landscaping from nearly any wildlife that could potentially destroy it.

We only take companies as clients that make good products, This is a good product, groundbreaking actually.

Normally people spend thousands, if not tens of thousands on landscaping for their yard. Then spend additional thousands putting up an 8 foot high fence (deer can easily jump a 6 foot fence) to protect it. Which turns their yard into a fortress. In this case the product does the same thing in terms of protection from deer and other wildlife for a fraction of the cost, without the fortress effect.

We are happy to welcome Tree Armor!

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