We have the hardest job on earth – Google changed it’s algo 450 times in 2007

Generally speaking a client sometimes gives us a call and says “hey, for the past 6 months I have been #1 for this keyword… now I am #3 .. what gives”

Part of the reason is that Google changed it’s algo again… last year Google tweeked it’s algo 450 times in 2007…. about 1.25 times per day… 9 times a week… and just under 40 times a month.

This of course causes changes in how sites are ranked… what factors count more.. what factors count less.. what NEW factors now count.. and what old ones have been dropped.

So if anyone wanted to know why Yooter’s job is so hard… this is the answer…

??????Google is typically tight-lipped about it the inner workings of its search business, but there are a few nuggets worth looking at in a Popular Mechanics interview with Udi Manber, the Google vice president who oversees search quality. Among them: Google rejiggered its search algorithm 450 times last year.

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Of course we are kidding that it’s the ‘hardest job on earth’ … that award goes to Google themselves for taking the all content of the entire internet and putting it down to a simple search…

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