The SEO Patented Click Here Test

What happens when large numbers of backlinks point to your site?  After all these updates and filters that Google has embarked on over the past few years?

No we’re not talking about spam filled backlinks,  we’re literally talking about large numbers of legitimate backlinks that occurred for a non-SEO reason.

The Kingpin Example is :  “Click Here” to get Adobe Reader

Clearly tons of websites have that code on their site, complete with the “click here” as a hyperlink.   We’re fairly certain that this isn’t a high value keyword, but it does give some insight to the strength of large numbers of backlinks and how they play in the more modern SEO world.    Adobe has been sitting on page 1 for the term for at least a decade.   With all the filters, with all the new updates to Google.   Think of how many websites on earth have the term “click here” written in text on their site,  then look at the target url on Adobe.

Yep,  not a single mention of the words “click here” anywhere on that page.

So to answer everyone out there,  the answer is yes,  backlinks matter.   We’re sure that Adobe wasn’t listing “click here” as their maximized ROI keyword.

Now the reason this works is because they are getting backlinks from tons of various sources,  all different types of pages, differing types of content and from various ages.   However anything these people put on that page they most likely will rank for.

Let’s see if that hypothesis is true ?  Download Now







Yea,  it’s true.

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