Ted Leonsis can’t control his own name in Google

Ted Leonsis is Vice Chairman of AOL. He wants to control the Google SERPs for his own name. He doesn’t need an SEO, because he is an SEO. According to the Washington post.

We feel that that Ted Leonsis might want to re-consider the hiring of an SEO, because posts like this can and will outrank his blog.  The reason they will is because Ted Leonsis is technically backward as compared to professional SEOing is concerned (in our opinion).

Also, Mr Ted Leonsis while we have your attention,  we would like to ask you a few pointed questions about AOL.

1) Why did they miss the boat in search?  AOL was around alot longer than Google.
2) We miss those CD’s that you shoved in our faces every few days, they made good cupholders, can we have them back?
3) What is AOL’s plan as the dialup industry is in rapid decline and AOL broadband isn’t actually booming? Based on your ideas for SEO we are somewhat concerned with the overall direction of the company as in our professional opinion you shoot from the hip (as in the above article) and in the above instance opened your mouth without really understanding what you were talking about.  Hence it raised flags.


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