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Scranton SEO

Yooter InterActive is located in Pottsville, PA and we do service the region,  including Scranton.     As a leader in online digital marketing who primarily services Fortune 500 firms,  we however don’t harbor that requirement for local firms located in NEPA.

We offer reduced rates for firms in our local market.   It’s our belief that helping the local market helps our local economy.

Since Search Engine Optimization tends to yield the highest ROI of all forms of marketing and it global in nature,  the concept is that it allows companies in this region to “export” products and services to outside the region.   Hence increasing the balance of trade in favor of the area.

If you are located in Scranton, PA and are in need of SEO services with a world class Search Marketing firm,  contact Yooter InterActive Marketing.




11 years as CEO of Yooter InterActive

I didn’t even notice,  until I got notified by Linkedin,   11 years is a long time.      I realized that over the course of those 11 years so much has changed in the Search and Social areas.    

11 years ago life was much simpler in terms of ranking clients.   There   were less factors,  less competition,  and less overall importance to Search and Social compared to today.

At the time when I founded Yooter InterActive Marketing,  people asked “do people really make a living doing that” and “who pays for marketing like that?”.

Times have changed,  and they have changed so much that sometimes it’s mind boggling to step back and see actually what has changed.

Things went from turning on your computer and after a few minute boot time, then double clicking the browser, navigating to Google.Com then searching for “how to make Pizza a home” to asking your phone verbally “hey Google,  where is the nearest pizza place” and instantly getting results.

Just as technology progressed,  so did people.   People don’t search now like they did back in the early 2000’s and late 1990’s.   Search queries are now more mobile oriented,  more “right now” and more by default location driven.      Today people are just as inclined to put a quick post on Facebook “where is the best pizza shop in Pottsville, Pa?”   and get a response within minutes.   Meaning social media is such a bigger part now than it was in 2004 ,  especially for business.

So with the mix of increased technology and increased human awareness in our searches.  The types of information we ask for and how we ask for it.  Jobs like promoting for clients becomes more and more challenging.    I love challenges,  but once in a while you do get the mind boggling thought “Technology races faster than you  think”.  

Like this post,  part of it was written on a desktop, the other part was verbally transcribed on my iPhone.   In 2004,  this would have been a dream,  today it’s a normal day.   In cases like this Technology progressed so fast that by the time you believe you fully understood  X ,  Y has replaced it.    This is both a blessing and a curse.  
AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming more and more relevant in our modern lives.    Today the stock market was closed due to a computer glitch.   But the majority of trades on the market are not done by humans,  a computer program makes or  breaks banks, individual savings,  and everything else.  All based on AI.Another AI modifies your search results in Google.    When you search in Google,  the search giant remembers what you were searching for and factors them into your next search.  In other words in learns from your searches and customizes them for you, and only you.This makes an SEO job difficult sometimes because being #1 sometimes means your #1 for you alone,  the rest of the world sees you somewhere between #1 and #14 depending on their search pattern which Google’s Artificial Intelligence  (or commonly called Algorithm) determined is the best for you.The other criticism is that with positive reinforcement,  you keep getting more and more of what you were searching for, that line of political thought,  for example and are never exposed to any other viewpoint. There have been times when I have searched for a candidate, and another individual searched for the same candidate and the articles and information displayed were very different.   His was tilted highly towards with negative information about this candidate,  mine showed mostly positive.Even his drop down was filled with negative qualifiers compared to mine.Technology has segregated us to an extent,  you now get only the news and the articles you want,  you’ll also more likely not to get any news or articles you don’t want.It’s fascinating, scary and hopeful all at the same time.   We live in interesting times.

Best Regards,
Roger Wehbepresident@yooter.com

Domain Name Selection and extension for your business

This question keeps coming up.  Even though Google has published a guideline regarding how it treats domains and their extensions.

A quick outline of what that guideline states is the following:

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs)

Unless a top level domain is registered as a country code top level domain (ccTLD) with ICANN, Google will treat any TLD that resolves through the IANA DNS root zone as a gTLD.

But country codes are different, but not all country codes.  According to Google, some country codes are treated as a Generic TLD.


Meaning that a .fm or a .ad is treated as a .com domain name.   Now there are merits to discuss regarding a non-.com domain name.   It tends to be harder to attract links, be subjected to mistypes towards the .com version of the domain name and other issues surrounding the use of a non-com domain name.

Another issue is the fact that some browsers automatically go for the .com domain name, or automatically fill in the .com for many individuals, especially on a mobile device.

The end result is though Google technically will treat a .cc as a .com,  if someone has the .com version of the domain name the chances are high that that individual most likely will sap the strength of your domain name.

In other words, the suggestion is though technically Google treats the domains the same,  everything else (from human error to hard-coded aspects of the browser) don’t.

Stick to a .com for now, until the world is more familiar with other TLD’s ….  that includes the new ones, such as .space




Yooter Offers SEO Audit

Want a third party to audit your SEO team or vendors performance ?

Yooter Interactive offers one time reports that are robust and complete.

We go through your website and evaluate how your site is doing, what the progress is, what steps are needed to be done and what the trends are with Google to ensure your website is “near future proof”.

Trends exist in the industry that Yooter is in a unique position to assist you with considering Yooter’s CEO Roger Wehbe has been a professional SEO since 1994. Meaning that with over 20 years of experience to know how search got to where it is, we have a great idea of where it is going.

If you have any questions just ask.

Yooter Interactive employees — free day for elections

Dear Yooter InterActive Employees,

For the Presidential election tomorrow take as long as you need.

If the lines at the polls are 8 hours and you miss the entire day at work, you will be paid as if you were present. It’s a free day. We are all Americans.. and out of all our rights given to us, this is the most important one. Please use it.

Best Regards,
Roger Wehbe
CEO Yooter InterActive

Welcome ASGCO!

We wanted to Welcome ASGCO! Yooter will be assisting with their SEO , Social Media and other online aspects of their campaign.

Asgco is a world leader in Conveyor Belt Technology. The progressive company has over the years proven time and time again to be a life saver when it comes to moving material from point A to point B.

Welcome Asgco!

Yooter InterActive jumps on the foursquare wagon

Yooter InterActive, a leader in search and social optimization is proud to announce the launch of their new foursquare advertising program.

Yooter InterActive has long been a social media and search optimization leader, so progressing to assist companies with a service like foursquare is a natural step for the company. Yooter has always done mobile, but with the rapid rise of foursquare we are now able to assist companies reach their target audience with a promotion within the foursquare app.

We find foursquare an interesting program as every time someone checks into your venue, it lends more strength to your social marketing program. It’s like word of mouth on steroids.

Contact us and see how foursquare can help increase your business.

Thank you Illiana from AOL !

To All:

Roger Wehbe, President of Yooter InterActive was an incredible help when we were experiencing issues with our site. He worked endless hours to make sure that everything was working properly both on an editorial and technical level. He is so knowledgeable in SEO and truly changed our site’s architecture and overall editorial process. He is so easy to work with and makes the complications of SEO simple and easy to understand. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Any one who gets the opportunity to work with him should consider themselves truly lucky.

Ilaina Ferramosca
Asst Programming Manager
AOL Entertainment

We almost forgot – Welcome AOL!

We wanted to thank AOL for allowing us to help with some digital marketing issues (mostly SEO) with Popeater, asylum.com , TMZ and others..

Yooter Thanks Zagat for allowing us to help with SEO

We at Yooter InterActive Marketing just wanted to thank Zagat ( http://www.zagat.com ) for allowing us to help with some search engine optimization issues.