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Amanda Yoder : Search Engine Marketing specialist

Yooter InterActive is enhancing their search engine marketing offerings, and Amanda Yoder is going to take the lead in successfully creating SEM as one of Yooter’s core specialties.

Historically, Yooter has focused on organic Search Engine Optimization and social media, but when our clients asked for more intense search engine marketing we were here to meet their needs. Amanda’s initial focus at Yooter was search engine optimization, where she successfully achieved great results for her clients. With her transition into the SEM side, she comes from a background that includes not just search engine marketing, but an extensive background in search engine optimization. Her experience and knowledge on these two services is from an agency that has the realization of both, something that is painfully lacking in today’s online marketing industry.

Amanda is excited to take the lead in our search engine marketing department, and is committed to fulfill all of our clients PPC needs.