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Press Release : Happy 10 years Yooter InterActive

Yooter InterActive Marketing is now 10 years old.  The company was Founded in 2004 by Roger Wehbe  long time industry expert since 1994 in the SEO field bringing 20 years of SEO experience to your company front door.

Many of our clients are listed here,  as well as others that are protected by an NDA. 

It is our goal to provide continuous Search and Social services to our clients to help obtain the online marketing they need to reach their objectives.

If you have any questions at all please contact us.

The 2015 Google SEO Guidelines

Google has always had Webmaster Guidelines.   These can easily be found here.   Some of the newer items include rich snippets,  Responsive Designs for mobile friendly,  and a tilt towards security,  such as SSL enabled websites.  The point being that Google is requesting more and more from webmasters,  to the point of going past most novice web designers and developers.

All this means is that for SEO experts in 2015 it will require far more technical knowledge than before. 

Location of course means more than it did ever in Google’s history.    If you own a big pizza chain,  don’t be surprised if the local mom and pop pizza shop beats you in the rankings when the search is made within X number of miles of their location,  with the advent of mobile GPS enabled devices doing what most likely will be the majority of search traffic in 2015 to 2017.

Also more historical search traffic from your account will play more and more into the SERPS.    Meaning if you searched for Pizza and clicked on mom and pop pizza,  and didn’t hit the back button most likely they will continue to do so for you.    In the whole if more people do that it will eventually start ranking for many people.   It now appears to count almost as much as a backlink.  

This means that Google’s search results are becoming more and more like a social bookmark rather than a search engine results page,  or at least that is how many SEO’s are complaining about the results.

Other issues that we are seeing further growing of the news and local results displayed on the SERPS page.     Meaning that before we used to be able to count on 10 results,  now it could be as little as 5 or 6.

That puts a wrinkle on you going to your client saying “we’re #6”  that used to mean page 1,  but now it means page 2.

2015 is going to be an interesting year.




What SEO means in 2015

What SEO means in 2015.

I personally have been doing SEO work since 1994.  In the mid 1990’s the largest search engines were Altavista,  Lycos,  Hotbot, Webcrawler.  Google didn’t exist and Yahoo was just a directory.

As you might have noticed, things have changed since then.    When Yahoo partnered with a small company called Google in 2000 to serve it’s search results,  it pushed a small startup from a garage to the 13th largest website at the time of the contract break with Yahoo in the early 2000’s.

The entire digital landscape changed from that point in 2000.  With Google serving both their own and Yahoo’s results people started flocking to Google.Com rather than Yahoo’s ad littered search results.   This placed Google in front of everyone and the rest was history.

Fast forward to the mid 2000’s.   At this point Google used to change their rankings via a huge push to the servers.    This typically was called a “Google Dance”  it was when every single time you searched for something the results changed.   Not all the machines updated at the same time and not every time you searched you reached the same machine.   It meant that during those updates you had no idea what your ranking was.   Geolocation was at it’s infancy and typically was not a huge part of their results.   

Fast forward to today.   Today roughly 40-50% of searches take place on a GPS enabled mobile device.   Location is important based on where you are searching as well as context and search history are factored into what the search engines are serving now . 

There are now services that “rent out office space”  or more accurately “rent out 1/2 a desk” in major metro markets so that small firms have a physical location in that metro and the arrangement allows them to rank in those physical locations by giving them the “legal right” to list their location in that market.   Tactics like this typically have a very short life span.    I wouldn’t count on an entire business model on something like that.  

Today the true key to SEO is the same it has been in the past 20 years.    It’s content.  

You write something good on your blog,  people will find it, link to it, spread it on their blogs, forums , social media and life becomes decent.  

Backlinks count,  but with all the updates recently unnatural backlinks cause more harm than good.   The best way to obtain backlinks is to earn them.   Not pay for them.

With all the recent hacks out there,  security is paying a greater and greater role,  with mobile devices most likely will be taking the lion share of searches soon it makes sense to invest in an mobile responsive design.

So here is the list of trends of 2015

1 –  The chances are going to greater that the person visiting your site will be on an small screened GPS enabled Android or iOS device than on a desktop machine.  If your website cannot display properly on a mobile device,  Google most likely will punish you in the rankings.

2 –  The chances are going to be greater that the person visiting your site will be physically closer to you.

3 –  The chances are greater that this device will not run flash (This has been the case for years,  but we still stumble on these kinds of sites!)

4 – The chances are that he or she will be landing on an article you just wrote as compared to a legacy page you wrote 8 months ago.

5 – The chances are that your still going to be cleaning up the mess you made for yourself 4 years ago when you bought all those terrible low quality backlinks.

6 – The chances are you’ll start to notice some non-phone mobile devices visiting your website.   They will be running a version of Android or iOS (mostly android) but they won’t be exactly a phone or a tablet.   Depending on the nature of your website,  they might just be reading (outloud) your article via the often cited as dead RSS feed to speak from a Smartwatch ,  Google Glass or other wearable.   You’re not going to see this much in the beginning of the year, but you might see it more often in a year from now.  We’re talking less than 1% of traffic total.

7 –  It is going to continue to be more difficult to get new visitors,  but easier to get repeat visitors due to the search history and click though rates being factored in.  Google typically assumes that if you went to a website and stayed there for more than a few minutes that it should continue to show you that site.   So your visitors will keep seeing your results up there.

8 – Social media will continue to grow as a factor of any marketing mix.  Though eventually these social media sites will start taking the same approach as Google has,  and simply give you the answer rather than sending people off to your site.   Trust me,  Social media like Facebook and Pinterest are at best a Frenemy.

9 – Related to 6,  more and more things are going to be connected.   5 years ago how many people streamed their TV and Movies vs today?   There’s a smart TV in everyone’s home now.   If it’s not “smart” by default it’s made smart with Chromecast,  Apple TV or Roku player.    Now people are setting their house up with NEST and their home security is online,  house cameras streaming all over the place.  The Fridge is steaming Pandora and your phone just alerted you that the oven is done cooking the turkey.   While the kids are watching Cartoons on Hulu Plus via a Roku player and you are updating Facebook via voice to text using Siri .   Remember,  you’re trying to get this same person to visit your website while this is all going on. This is going to be an interesting year.   Mostly because the progression of connected devices that can visit your site or at least read your content will increase dramatically over the next 12 months.    


Marketing Search Social Advertising in Cuba

Google CubaAs of today,   many of the laws are in the process of being changed in regards to Cuba.   Though the information isn’t completely out yet,  it appears products are now allowed (or soon will be allowed) to be imported and exported.   In other words a market of 11.5 million people just opened up 90 miles from the United States.

We wanted to stress that we are in a position to help your company move into the Cuban market.   We can assist you in ranking well in the Cuban market.   For example,  Google Cuba follows the same rules as all of the other Google properties.    So do most of the other social media sites that have a presence in Cuba.

Again much of this is subjected to the laws which currently are being modified in regards to what can legally be done.    However technically there are no issues in regards to advertising in Cuba (technically meaning in the term of ranking for terms in Google Cuba),  the exact same way any other Google owned property would be SEO’ed.    The legality however is up to Washington and how the final laws are drawn up.

If you are looking to Advertise in Cuba,  Contact Us and we can at least guide you though the technical information you would need to run a robust SEO campaign that will reach the Cuban Market.


SEO in Bethlehem PA

mobile_netDoing location based SEO is easier than ever.   In fact for the most part Google strives to provide location based results.  We used Bethlehem PA as an example in this article. 

Google especially likes when you are searching from a mobile device equipped location services.

Years ago,  when you searched for something on your desktop via Google you would get at best a general location.   Perhaps a region, or at best a city level.    However today the location on your phone tells one that they are on Route 22 West near the 512 exit.   Next thing you know ads for the Lehigh Valley Mall start showing up,  along with organic results for the next 3-4 exits ahead.

Mom and Pop stores that have locations in the next few exits ahead jump ahead in the results,  beating national brands and all of a sudden you see results for a tiny coffee shop rather than Starbucks. 

That’s how location services and search basically works.    It’s not 100% there yet,  but it’s at least 90% there.   We’re seeing instances of it based on direction and heading rather than just location.   This is a noticable improvement over just location,  especially the 4 mile radius around you, in which 2 of those miles are behind you (IE: you already passed that exit).





Google : Enjoy Penguin — you’re going to see it moving around forever

halGoogle is nice enough to tell us that Penguin is going to be in continuous roll-out.  In other words look forward to each time you hit refresh you’re going to get differing results, with no end in sight.

That last big update is still rolling out — though really there won’t be a particularly distinct end-point to the activity, since Penguin is shifting to more continuous updates. The idea is to keep optimizing as we go now.

Honestly it’s not a terrible thing,   it’s just the issue with the upcoming holiday season as many ecommerce stores have based their income on rankings of X and Y for some of their more targeted keywords.    Throwing those keywords into flux throws a monkey wrench in their expected income.   

The best hedge against this is to diversify your income strategies,  increase the content on your site and diversify your traffic sources and double, triple check your site and its compliance with Google Guidelines.    We cannot stress enough that compliance is really the only way to progress in a “more safe” fashion.   Non-Compliant sites typically increase the risk of being sent to page 300 on the next update.


Where people mess up when naming their business and domain name

From time to time we find requests on what people should name their business.   I love to pull this example from years ago,  they were planning on opening a book store in Reading, PA.   

They wanted to name it “Reading Bookstore”,  after the name of the city they were located in.   This was dismissed after a deep explanation on why that company name won’t work.

Here are the Google results for “Reading Bookstore”

Screenshot from 2014-12-05 13:52:52As you can tell,  a new startup has little chance of ranking for the right term,  even after considering location enabled searches and other factors that Google uses to rank local companies.    The issue is that Reading is the name of the city,  and pronounced differently but spelled the same is Reading (as in the opposite of writing).    In this case if that company went ahead with their plans,  they most likely would still have difficulty ranking even in their local market.

When selecting a keyword or domain name,  focus on something brandable and useable,  and not common terms.   The internet has grown so much in the past 20 years that it’s safe to assume that most common terms are highly competitive. 

So steer from something used,  and go for something unique.    Google in the past few years has declared a limited war on exact match domain names.    It is safe to say that you won’t get the boost that you expected going that route.   So stick with something that you invented, not something that’s out there already.



The SEO Patented Click Here Test

What happens when large numbers of backlinks point to your site?  After all these updates and filters that Google has embarked on over the past few years?

No we’re not talking about spam filled backlinks,  we’re literally talking about large numbers of legitimate backlinks that occurred for a non-SEO reason. 

The Kingpin Example is :  “Click Here” to get Adobe Reader

click hereClearly tons of websites have that code on their site, complete with the “click here” as a hyperlink.   We’re fairly certain that this isn’t a high value keyword, but it does give some insight to the strength of large numbers of backlinks and how they play in the more modern SEO world.    Adobe has been sitting on page 1 for the term for at least a decade.   With all the filters, with all the new updates to Google.   Think of how many websites on earth have the term “click here” written in text on their site,  then look at the target url on Adobe.

click here2Yep,  not a single mention of the words “click here” anywhere on that page.

So to answer everyone out there,  the answer is yes,  backlinks matter.   We’re sure that Adobe wasn’t listing “click here” as their maximized ROI keyword.  

Now the reason this works is because they are getting backlinks from tons of various sources,  all different types of pages, differing types of content and from various ages.   However anything these people put on that page they most likely will rank for.  

Let’s see if that hypothesis is true ?  Download Now

download now
download now







Yea,  it’s true.

Allentown Social Media Marketing

Yooter Branded Sign Hanging at our 1 South Second Street Office
Yooter Branded Sign Hanging at our 1 South Second Street Office

Yooter InterActive is an award winning firm that is offering Social Media Marketing in the Allentown and Lehigh Valley Areas.    Our roots are in the Lehigh Valley being founded in Bethlehem,  Pa.

We believe that local social media makes far more sense than it did years ago,  a local business, event or even the weather such as the Amazing Job the Eastern PA Weather Authority has done on Facebook, taking a Facebook page all the way to becoming the  weather agency of Musikfest.   

In other words,  a Facebook page generated credibility for multi million dollar organizations to endorse it (We have to give credit when credit is due,  Their weather reporting is always spot on and we ourselves use them).

The result is that with proper guidance and tactics you can use social media to help grow your business.  Coupled with a sound Search Engine Optimization program you will be using all best ROI possible to help your firm.

If you have any questions at all contact us.


Google Adds Mobile Friendly to Search Results

Google has been doing this for about a year now using a tiny icon on mobile screens notifying the end user that the website is mobile friendly, however they changed this with actual real estate now that displays “Mobile Friendly”

This is a huge change, right now mobile sites are not getting a boost in their actual positions (to any large extent) however the added notification appears to be increasing click though rates. In other words if you are position 4 , you’ll most likely still be 4, but with a click though rate of 5% rather than 3%. It means more traffic.

Below is a screenshot from an iPhone search result.   Notice the “Mobile Friendly”  tag next to the date?

Search Social Marketing Agency

Clearly having a mobile site will give you an advantage moving forward.    With a Rough estimate of nearly 50% of searches taking place on mobile devices in many metro regions it makes for a better user experience with their device of choice.