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Paypal and the custom URL

  Since we at Yooter Interactive utilize PayPal,  we secured the custom URL http://paypal.me/adagency

So our PayPal address is now a custom url

You can secure one for your business at http://www.paypal.me

It’s a great service from PayPal and I suggest that all businesses that use PayPal use this feature.

Reading PA SEO – It’s a great market

We spoke earlier about how we enjoy working with SEO in the Reading PA market.  We are local to the area and know the digital landscape well.   We have proven ourselves with many of the international firms that have hired us in the past,  and many of our current local clients.   From large players like PPL Electric to Regional destinations like Allentown based Lehigh Valley Grand Prix.

The end result however is that we believe we can help your firm grow using low cost organic SEO.   Your firm deserves to rank as well as your competitors.    They most likely however spent time, effort and money to make that happen and that’s why they are seeing increased business from their Search and Social advertising campaigns.

Search and Social is somewhat of a new type of Advertising,  before there was a line between what you posted on Facebook,  and what Google is displaying on their results.   However in the past several years that line has blurred.   You are seeing Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others,  even Linkedin (in some cased) driving traffic and raising ROI for businesses.   At the same time with the extreme adoption of Mobile,  you’re seeing more and more people asking their phone “where do I buy X or Y”.

Life is moving quick,  you can’t let your Search and Social campaign be in the dark ages while your competition is flying past.

Let us help you.



Lehigh Valley SEO and Marketing Conference Status Update

Here’s a quick status update regarding the Lehigh Valley SEO and Marketing Conference.

1 – The Conference appears to be moving forward.

2 – Hotel Bethlehem will be the location,  Though April or May appears to be the target date.

3 –  Companies can help sponsor the event for the following:

Gold Package:  $750
Speaking opportunity to highlight your company
Company Name on Stationary as a gold sponsor
20 Free Passes to give to clients and friends

Silver Package:  $500
Company Name on Stationary listed as a sliver sponsor
10 Free Passes to give to clients and friends

4 – Individuals can attend the Conference for $50 per person payable online, or $75 payable at the door.

5 – We are not taking reservations yet,  just taking more measurements of interest.   Fill out this form if you haven’t already and let us know that you want to attend,  make sure you let us know in the comment area that you are coming as an individual or as a company.

Marketing Search Social Advertising in Cuba

Google CubaAs of today,   many of the laws are in the process of being changed in regards to Cuba.   Though the information isn’t completely out yet,  it appears products are now allowed (or soon will be allowed) to be imported and exported.   In other words a market of 11.5 million people just opened up 90 miles from the United States.

We wanted to stress that we are in a position to help your company move into the Cuban market.   We can assist you in ranking well in the Cuban market.   For example,  Google Cuba follows the same rules as all of the other Google properties.    So do most of the other social media sites that have a presence in Cuba.

Again much of this is subjected to the laws which currently are being modified in regards to what can legally be done.    However technically there are no issues in regards to advertising in Cuba (technically meaning in the term of ranking for terms in Google Cuba),  the exact same way any other Google owned property would be SEO’ed.    The legality however is up to Washington and how the final laws are drawn up.

If you are looking to Advertise in Cuba,  Contact Us and we can at least guide you though the technical information you would need to run a robust SEO campaign that will reach the Cuban Market.


Allentown Social Media Marketing

Yooter Branded Sign Hanging at our 1 South Second Street Office
Yooter Branded Sign Hanging at our 1 South Second Street Office

Yooter InterActive is an award winning firm that is offering Social Media Marketing in the Allentown and Lehigh Valley Areas.    Our roots are in the Lehigh Valley being founded in Bethlehem,  Pa.

We believe that local social media makes far more sense than it did years ago,  a local business, event or even the weather such as the Amazing Job the Eastern PA Weather Authority has done on Facebook, taking a Facebook page all the way to becoming the  weather agency of Musikfest.   

In other words,  a Facebook page generated credibility for multi million dollar organizations to endorse it (We have to give credit when credit is due,  Their weather reporting is always spot on and we ourselves use them).

The result is that with proper guidance and tactics you can use social media to help grow your business.  Coupled with a sound Search Engine Optimization program you will be using all best ROI possible to help your firm.

If you have any questions at all contact us.


Welcome Cedar Crest College !

We at Yooter wanted to say welcome to Cedar Crest College with our partner advertising agency Spark!

We look forward to working with the college and spark on this very important project!