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Google to kill Recaptcha

Google is implementing a system that hopefully will kill the Recaptcha.    You know the most terrible of terrible evils of the Internet.

That’s easy! It’s %(@KASMULED (bleep) and @!!E(!

Right?   No problem,  let us try to enter this in 250 times before we just exit the site.

Well thankfully Google has been testing a way to see if you are a real human or just some spam script using only one click.

The new system uses tons of behind the scenes information.  Such as ip address, blacklists, and a few other tests to see if you are a real human or a spam bot.   If you fail those tests, than automatically the ugly old process kicks in.   However in their tests that vast majority of poeple never had to reach the second phase.    Meaning that this process overall is a huge improvement that what is picture above.

Thank you Google,  we hope this spreads like wildfire.   It should increase useage rates on blogs, forums and anywhere else that these systems are used.    

Google Adds Mobile Friendly to Search Results

Google has been doing this for about a year now using a tiny icon on mobile screens notifying the end user that the website is mobile friendly, however they changed this with actual real estate now that displays “Mobile Friendly”

This is a huge change, right now mobile sites are not getting a boost in their actual positions (to any large extent) however the added notification appears to be increasing click though rates. In other words if you are position 4 , you’ll most likely still be 4, but with a click though rate of 5% rather than 3%. It means more traffic.

Below is a screenshot from an iPhone search result.   Notice the “Mobile Friendly”  tag next to the date?

Search Social Marketing Agency

Clearly having a mobile site will give you an advantage moving forward.    With a Rough estimate of nearly 50% of searches taking place on mobile devices in many metro regions it makes for a better user experience with their device of choice.

Google Bans Facebook

For some reason,  Google has de-indexed Facebook’s main page from their search result.   No explanation has been given,  the widely reported situation is developing.

The Below Screenshot is what is being reported by many.  You’ll notice the first result being Wikipedia, the second being Twitter.

Google Bans Facebook
Google Bans Facebook

Welcome PPL


We just wanted to welcome PPL (Historically PP&L). We look forward to working with you!

Migration to HTTPS does not boost rankings

According to Search Engine Land, moving to HTTPS did and does not move the needle. It did nothing to increase or decrease company rankings in Google.

Things were nearly identical the week prior and week after moving forward. Even after a complete respider.

This is not a surprise, and to be fair Google did say it was a minor increase.

We were hoping that this would help increase rankings, however after a robust trial on our end with clients (and reading the report from Search Engine Land) we can say with near 100% certainty it does nothing for your rankings.

This does not mean that it won’t increase rankings in the future, but for today it does nothing at all.

Google and Project Wing

The below video is Google’s introduction to Project Wing. The Google project eventually will deliver products, medicine, food, supplies and your girlfriends engagement ring in the future.

Google and SSL

Recently Google published that they will be giving a boost to companies and websites that encrypt their entire site with SSL (this is the official release). My advice is to put this on your development schedule and start working toward this goal.

Remember, you’ll need to 301 redirect your old non-secure site to the new SSL enabled site. Which means you’ll most likely take a short term hit in rankings over the migration period (but you should gain long term benefits)

Your checklist should be as follows:

– check all scripts on your site to ensure nothing is still pointing to the non secure version of your site.
– check to make sure everything works in the secure url structure.
– 301 redirect the non-secure to secure
– flip the switch to point everything to secure.
– go to webmaster tools and force complete respider of your site.
– Contact anyone possible that is linking to your site and ask them to point to https rather than http.

This is going to be a process, but at the end your site will most likely rank better in the long term.

Google and Skynet

Everyone is evidently going nuts over the purchase of Boston Dynamics by Google. It’s being dubbed “Skynet” from the Terminator series.


There is SOME truth to the matter, but not exactly Terminator level. Let’s look at the facts. Currently Google has done very little (though some business has been done) with the department of defense.

This opens a whole new world of defense contracts for Google, coupled with all the information of the internet indexed in Google’s search engine, with all the GPS data streaming in from android phones and Google Maps, monitoring of Google voice calls and reading Gmail accounts. It makes it sound like Google knows where you are, who you call, who you e-mail, and now can send in a walking robot into your front door to pitch you adwords.

uhh…. maybe it is as bad as it sounds…….

What’s in, what’s out.

Though we seldom update Yooter with status updates, there are some thing worth mentioning regarding new trends in the industry. First Google went hyperlocal over the past few years, you can blame your iPhone and your Android for that. The intergated GPS system made the search for pizza move from whomever had the most backlinks for the term pizza, to the pizza shop around the corner.. even if it’s a nearly blank page with the word “pizza” on it.. as long as it’s listed in Google Maps.

Another change is the way people search the internet. For example 10 years ago it was a desktop and keyboard. Now it’s voice talking to Siri or Google on your mobile. This is a profound change in how we interact with the internet.

The search changed, literally even the type of query changed. It went from a Google search for “weather” which had weather.com (or something similar) as #1 and you clicked though to the site, entered your zip and got the weather.

Now talking into the Google App or Siri for “what’s the weather tonight” and it spits out 72 degrees and clear.

It’s not just the Weather however, it’s everything. To be fair, it’s more helpful for the end user, but every single small business pretty much just got taken out on a national level (though you will rank on a hyper local level).

The region a small business could rank for now encompasses roughly the same distance you could stand on your rooftop and see. Hopefully you’re in a big town.

There’s now services out there that rent out tiny locations just to fool Google Maps. So a small company could have a “physical location” in another metro. For some online only small businesses it’s not for greed, it’s just to survive as their hyper local market won’t support selling alpaca socks or tree wraps.

Enjoy the new reality.

Yahoo! to lay off thousands of employees

The struggling search engine / portal Yahoo!  is now in restructuring mode.    Yahoo has been in the process of laying off thousands of people.   It’s been a terrible past few years for the search engine.

Much of this however can be traced back to the year 2000.  Yahoo! virtually stated that they were going throw themselves under a bus and give Google complete control over search.

12 years later Yahoo is laying off thousands and Google is hiring thousands.

Enjoy the new reality.