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Sometimes it’s not the SEO

Sometimes it’s not the SEO. Sometimes it’s the business model. Several times over the past 20 years I had to turn down a client. They wanted to sign, I just didn’t want them to.

A few years ago a potential client approached me with a new venture his company was going to launch. The parent company is a large firm with over 10,000 employees, but this startup division was what we were to optimize and advertise.

The problem is the business model was poor to say the least. They wanted to charge a substantial fee for something that was already opensource and widely adopted in the market. It was a new blogging platform designed to compete against WordPress. The blogging platform however wasn’t substantially better than WordPress, it was closed source and to make matters worse there was no “self hosted option” meaning that they wanted large firms to point to their url for their blog. Similar to Blogger.Com but without many of the features.

Their logic was “We are part of XXX, one of the biggest tech companies out there, others will sign up just for brand recognition”. After many attempts at convincing them that the product wasn’t ready, no amount of SEO will help them with a broken or incomplete product. I decided to decline their account (though they worked hard to get me to reconsider).

The problem is many startups or even established firms don’t fully understand that brand recognition doesn’t really cut it in today’s world in many online industries.

The point I am trying to make is make sure the business model works, though I can point out instances where advertising saved a shoddy product, that is the exception rather than the rule.

SEO can promote your product, but SEO can’t really improve your product. Same goes for advertising.

Allentown PA SEO

Allentown PA is our best SEO market.   Mostly because we know the terrain,  the landscape of the competition and overall the business environment of the area.

The Lehigh Valley as a whole,  Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton have been growing at a fantastic rate over the past few years.    Everything from professional hockey,  basement teams and now the discussion of train service to Philadelphia has made the area the place to be.

With easy access to New York and other major metro markets the area has become a destination rather than a bedroom community for New York.

The Lehigh Valley is the fastest growing and third most populous region in the state of Pennsylvania on trajectory to overtake Pittsburgh in population and political weight.   With some estimates that it has already overtaken it.

The Lehigh Valley currently has a population of just under a 1,000,000 whereas Pittsburgh has only 305,000 though the argument is that the Lehigh Valley is composed of 3 cities in close proximity when the surrounding regions around Pittsburgh are factored in,  Pittsburgh’s regional population is 2,355,968.

In other words,  the Lehigh Valley is becoming more prominent as time goes on.  Making it attractive for high growth industries and a way to establish a business with growth potential just with sheer job and population growth surrounding it.

The point of this article is to show how the area has grown,  and as SEO typically has the highest ROI of all forms of marketing. Businesses should explore SEO and Social media as a valid form of marketing their business in the Valley.

Asking Facebook vs Asking Google

Recently over the past few years the requests to facebook have steadily increased for suggestions or recommendations on where to buy products.

If you are a business owner,  this means that Search Engine Optimization , though still the kingpin of digital marketing is not the only outlet for you to gain a foothold on potential clients online.

The problem that advertisers have is when someone posts to facebook “do you know any contractors in Pottsville, PA that fix damp basements?”  their friends are the ones that reply.   It’s the online equivalent to shouting to a room of your friends and getting answers from them on who to contract to fix that $25,000 dollar basement project.

How does an advertiser get into that room and give an answer?

Well there are a few ways.  The easiest is just to purchase facebook ads.   Though this isn’t exactly rocket science, there is some science to it to make sure that you generate a positive ROI.

The other way is to search and if the post is public,  you might have a chance on responding.   Though the customer might not like the intrusion (I know I wouldn’t if I was asking my friends, and a vendor answered).

Another way would be to friend and tag them in a post.  Though that would require you to friend them, and them accepting your request.

All these have some serious downsides.

Another way would be to create your company page,  and address whatever you find in your searches with a logical and positive answer.

“Where can I find a a contracter in Pottsville PA to fix damp basements”

A post on your wall would be the right answer to their question.   “XYZ contracting specializes in damp basements in the Pottsville, PA area.   We have been in business for 30 years and our work is guaranteed to keep your basement dry” .    This would allow you to come up for some terms if they decide to search on facebook.   I would also suggest posting something like this on your company blog,  of course not the same thing,  a far more robust version of the same however would be in order.

Typically what happens is their friends turn to Google when a question like that arises.    Considering wordpress, if configured properly can be indexed within minutes.    There’s a good chance that by the time they post on facebook,  you could respond and be in Google before their friends Google the question.

However this takes some effort to stay on top of whatever pops up on Facebook.   In other words,  this is mostly impossible to keep up with.

So the last bit of advice.   The best way to get suggested on Facebook is to do what every business should always do.    Provide the best service possible at a reasonable price.

If you have played by that rule,  the chances are someone on that facebook page would have suggested you.

The point of this article is that no matter what type of advertising you do,  nothing beats word of mouth and word of mouth is not purchased or bought,  it’s earned.


Marketing in Allentown PA

Perfect Six has a great article regarding Marketing and Advertising in Allentown PA.     There is some common sense points that typically are not even thought of when advertising.

if you sell baseball, your first course of action could be as simple as sponsoring a local Little League team.  Selling running shoes? Sponsor a 5k walk or offer coupons. Get to know your ideal customer and think about how and where they spend their time.

Simple ideas like this do not cost much money,  but they do ingrain your brand with the target market.

Little League players eventually become coaches and buyers.   Having your store as the sponsor of a 5k puts your store in front of all the runners,  runners buy shoes.

The point of the article is to use common sense,  and in many cases common sense isn’t exactly the business owner.   The problem that plagues many CEO’s and Marketing Officers is that they are in their business,  rather than in the minds of their customers.

Perfect Six is the blog to read for marketing in Allentown  and Lehigh Valley.



Things to do in PA

If you are advertising a Pennsylvania based event,  you really should use the popular Things to do in PA facebook promotional venue.

It’s the only way to promote your event for $25 dollars to thousands of individuals that have subscribed to the things to do in Pa fan page.

The fan page suggests events, and dozens to thousands of people attend the event that we suggest, depending on the event and it’s popularity on the fan page.

Meaning that $25 dollars spent could turn into thousands of dollars for your ROI.   There is no better form of advertising at this price point.


Marketing Search Social Advertising in Cuba

Google CubaAs of today,   many of the laws are in the process of being changed in regards to Cuba.   Though the information isn’t completely out yet,  it appears products are now allowed (or soon will be allowed) to be imported and exported.   In other words a market of 11.5 million people just opened up 90 miles from the United States.

We wanted to stress that we are in a position to help your company move into the Cuban market.   We can assist you in ranking well in the Cuban market.   For example,  Google Cuba follows the same rules as all of the other Google properties.    So do most of the other social media sites that have a presence in Cuba.

Again much of this is subjected to the laws which currently are being modified in regards to what can legally be done.    However technically there are no issues in regards to advertising in Cuba (technically meaning in the term of ranking for terms in Google Cuba),  the exact same way any other Google owned property would be SEO’ed.    The legality however is up to Washington and how the final laws are drawn up.

If you are looking to Advertise in Cuba,  Contact Us and we can at least guide you though the technical information you would need to run a robust SEO campaign that will reach the Cuban Market.


Allentown Social Media Marketing

Yooter Branded Sign Hanging at our 1 South Second Street Office
Yooter Branded Sign Hanging at our 1 South Second Street Office

Yooter InterActive is an award winning firm that is offering Social Media Marketing in the Allentown and Lehigh Valley Areas.    Our roots are in the Lehigh Valley being founded in Bethlehem,  Pa.

We believe that local social media makes far more sense than it did years ago,  a local business, event or even the weather such as the Amazing Job the Eastern PA Weather Authority has done on Facebook, taking a Facebook page all the way to becoming the  weather agency of Musikfest.   

In other words,  a Facebook page generated credibility for multi million dollar organizations to endorse it (We have to give credit when credit is due,  Their weather reporting is always spot on and we ourselves use them).

The result is that with proper guidance and tactics you can use social media to help grow your business.  Coupled with a sound Search Engine Optimization program you will be using all best ROI possible to help your firm.

If you have any questions at all contact us.


Hedge Fund Advertising

The SEC has just recently lifted the ban on Hedge Fund Advertising. The 80 year old ban has been in place as long as anyone can remember. The Good News? Yooter InterActive actually has some extensive experience in advertising Hedge Funds. For years we have been assisting hedge funds in ranking well in the search and social media space but of course were severely limited in what we can do due to regulations.

With the ban removed, coupled with our experiences we have had with hedge funds we are positioned to be a leader in the field.

We are accepting Hedge Fund Clients now, feel free to contact us regarding your online Hedge Fund advertising plans.

Welcome Cedar Crest College !

We at Yooter wanted to say welcome to Cedar Crest College with our partner advertising agency Spark!

We look forward to working with the college and spark on this very important project!

Thank you Spark!

We wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to Michael at Spark Advertising Agency for getting the ball rolling on the Lehigh Valley / Google article in the Morning Call.

If you are looking for a firm that can get the word out, Spark is your firm.