Stephen Baker on why RSS is not catching on

We have to admit here at Yooter that we are becoming more and more of a fan of  Stephen Baker’s blog.  We do suggest you take the time to read his work.

Regarding this individual post, regarding why RSS is not really catching on to the mainstream.  He has a point. If it’s something I have to outsource to my 13-year-old, a technology isn’t dunce-proof ready for primetime.

He is 100% correct. 

However,  back in 1995 .. many people had to outsource surfing the web to their 13 year old.  The point is we are RSS addicts here.

We use them for several reasons, one is because many of us are news buffs.. keeping on top of whatever is happening across the planet.. or our back yard… subscribing to RSS feeds makes it far easier.

The other reason is content management.  Sometimes we like to link on a live basis on a search engine spiderable content.  Using any number of php (or other languages) we could deliver a true live link to the content of our choice rather than rely on a static hyperlink.

Call it anything you want… but in reality,  I like to reward good content with good links.. especially ones that update in real time.

In our industry, the Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization industry RSS is golden,  it allows current content to be syndicated in real time and allows others to see what is happening as its happening.

 Static links have their place … a direct link to businessweek is a direct link to businessweek.. but a rss page that shows the latest posts from Stephen for example is far more effective in both search engine value and overall freshness of content.

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