Space Division

Yooter has now opened a Space Division 

Planetary Meteorites  and Space Mining (Official Planetary Meteorite Site)

Of the 61,000 Metorites that have been discovered. Only about 134 are Lunar and 132 Are Martian.   That’s it.    We work with only reputable high quality certified Planetary Meteorite network.  

ANY demand increase would overwhelm the current supplies on Earth,  the logical conclusion is that this company eventually becomes a space mining firm. If demand value justifies robotic missions to obtain material.  Investments would be made.  Space offers everything from Gold to Rare material that is worth trillions.

Donated Efforts to SETI Projects :  (Official Alert System)

SETI projects are underfunded,  we donate what we can.

Everything from Running the SETI@Home screensaver for over a decade to  volunteering our time for SETI projects.

As an amateur astronomers we have a passion for space. We built the Integrated Astronomy Alert System for what is sometimes dubbed the “Alien Megastructure Star“. Part manual, Part automated. We collect information in near real time from various organizations and report to other telescopes if a detection was found, so they can verify. It’s a real time alert system. Many journalist and interested individuals sign up as well. We also moderate the official forum and assist as much as possible in any possible way.

We make markets