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SEO Basics for Bloggers In 2022

While most bloggers are generally passionate about writing, they can sometimes be less passionate about following good search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Unfortunately, that means your blog’s content might not get discovered by search engines and, more importantly, your target audience! Here are some SEO basics for bloggers to help your blog get discovered by your audience in 2022.

SEO Basics for Bloggers In 2022
SEO Basics for Bloggers In 2022

Use a Reputable Blogging Platform

When it comes to blogging, not all platforms are created equal. In fact, some poorly designed blogging sites provide a bad user experience – which can hurt your blog’s SEO. Furthermore, using a platform with a lower domain authority (under 70) will make it harder for your content to get discovered by search engines. Therefore, you should use a good blogging site with high domain authority, like Blogger, WordPress, or even Medium.

Publishing your content on one of those platforms can help it get discovered and indexed much faster by Google and other search engines. Plus, these platforms are well-built and offer a good user experience.

Conduct Good Keyword Research

Many bloggers make the critical mistake of ignoring keyword research. However, without knowing the best keywords to use in your content, your blog posts end up being less SEO-friendly.

Therefore, if you will take the time to write a good blog post, you should first take the time to conduct good keyword research. Both Google and WordStream offer free keyword research tools that allow you to analyze the popularity of prospective keywords. Please take advantage of them! Finding the right keywords will improve your blog’s SEO and search engine rankings.

Create Good Content with Your Target Audience in Mind

You can’t expect your target audience to read your blog if you don’t create content with them in mind. Furthermore, search engines like Google won’t send visitors to your blog if you don’t create content with your audience in mind!

Therefore, your number one focus as a blogger should always be your audience. By creating high-quality, engaging content that provides them with valuable information relevant to their needs, you will make your blog more SEO-friendly.

Furthermore, by publishing great content, you will increase the likelihood that other sites will link to your content, giving your blog even more SEO juice.

Build Internal Links Between Relevant Posts

A lot of bloggers overlook the SEO value of building internal links. By including links to your other posts – when they are relevant – you help search engines and visitors discover more of your content.

Don’t Forget to Optimize Your Title Tags

Lastly, your title tags are just as important as the content in your blog posts. Failing to make them SEO-friendly means that your content could get ignored by search engines. Therefore, include your most important keyword(s) in your title tag.

Again, good keyword research is crucial. Furthermore, your title tags should be around 60 characters in length.

In short, it’s possible to be an exceptional blogger without any visitors and followers if you fail to employ good SEO tactics when blogging. Help your content get discovered and indexed faster by search engines by publishing your blog on a reputable blogging platform.

Furthermore, you can make your content more SEO-friendly by conducting good keyword research and writing with your audience in mind. Make sure that you link to your other relevant blog posts and optimize all of your title tags for good SEO.

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