Search Optimization and how it works with fortune 500 firms

Many of our SEO and Social Media clients are Fortune 500 firms. 

Working with larger companies has some costs and benefits.  For example what many mid-size and smaller firms call red tape is typical in larger firms due to the fact that they are working with larger budgets, more people and more money is typically involved.    This means errors are more costly.   You can’t have one guy running around modifying the company website without some sort of oversight. 

That means changing the site would require at least 2 people signing off on it,  sometimes even more …. just to move something minor.

Othertimes it means having the new copy be run through legal. 

The point being that working with larger firms has it’s own unique issues that require it patience and time.   We had one client recently take up to 90 days to modify a single paragraph of copy on the main page their site. 

These rules however make sense when looking at it from their perspective.    If the content is misleading there could be a lawsuit.    If the content has a typo,  there could be some fallout at the company expense.

In other words fortune 500 firms are held to standards that are typically higher than that of other companies.

The good news is that many fortune 500 firms trust their SEO to Yooter InterActive.   We have worked with Verizon’s AOL,  Google’s Zagut division, Pennsylvania Power and Light,  Lehigh Valley Health Network and other companies of considerable scale.    These companies have trusted us for their Search Optimization because we know how to work with larger firms.

Contact us if you are looking for an SEO that has earned the trust of your corporate peers.

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