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Yooter InterActive Marketing, LLC is proud to announce a host of new services.

Traditionally,  Yooter has been well known for being a Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Specialist however recently Yooter has added the following services:

Mobile Search Engine Optimization
Google Video Search Engine Optimization
Google Blog Search Engine Optimization
Google and Yahoo News Search Engine Optimization
Google, Yahoo and MSN Pay Per Click ( Search Engine Marketing ) Services, with granular reporting
Google, Yahoo and MSN Click Fraud Tracking and Analysis
and of course our core service, Search Engine Optimization

Yooter InterActive Founded in early 2005 has grown to become one of the largest pay per click and search engine optimization agencies. Yooter InterActive Marketing works well with Ad Agencies, Marketing Agencies and InterActive Firms as well as Fortune 1000 firms and well funded startups.

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