Politics and Political SEO

Political SEO is a short term, but high pressure discipline within the general SEO industry.  The problem is that SEO typically is a long term project, however Political SEO is short term, high pressure “must respond to my competitors attack ad tonight in Google rankings”.

The campaigns generally end on or very near after election night.   So it’s one of only a few SEO disciplines that have a firm end date.

This takes a big toll on the SEO. You as the SEO needs to understand that this , as well as your client.  

You will need to put at least 10-12 hours a day especially when you are close to Election Day.

It takes a very special firm to accommodate requirements like this.  In essence the SEO has to allocate it’s life to the client.  This leaves only a small select group of SEO agencies that can service Political SEO clients.  We are proud to say we are one of those firms.

Campaign managers always trust Yooter with their client campaigns.

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