Google Update : Dec 7

Moving forward, since Webmasterworld is banned in Google, Yahoo and MSN, I hereby revoke Brett Tabke’s right to name the updates.

We have seen movement rollback to Jagger 2 Update on this datacenter:

Google pagerank update Confirmed

We have Google Pagerank update confirmed as of now, 4:15 EST DEC 06, 2005

Europe threatens Google

BRUSSELS, Belgium – European publishers warned Tuesday that they cannot keep allowing Internet search engines such as Google Inc. to make money from their content. “The new models of Google and others reverse the traditional permission-based copyright model of content trading that we have built up over the years,” said Francisco Pinto Balsemao, the head of the European Publishers Council, in prepared remarks for a speech at a Brussels conference.

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Forget the Superbowl – I want to spend my ad dollars on Google

It’s an intresting read. It appears that more and more major firms are allocating resources to Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing rather than TV… even the Superbowl is feeling the effects of this.

Overall network ad sales are flat, as major advertisers continue to shift their marketing spending away from TV. Nontraditional advertising, from direct marketing to Internet search ads — all text and no pictures — is booming, a factor that helped Google’s share price balloon to $400 last month, while traditional media companies remain stuck in neutral.

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Internet Ad Dollars Challenge TV Ad Dollars

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Internet advertisers and marketing professionals have a message for television networks: get ready to change the way you work.

As Internet advertising grabs a bigger share of marketing budgets and ad agencies tailor spots to a new medium where attention spans can be measured in split seconds, television networks will have to adjust, executives told the Reuters Media and Advertising Summit this week.
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.htaccess for SEO

I got a few requests on how to use the 301 redirect for the .htaccess file in order to do it search optimization friendly.

the below code , put into a .htaccess file in the root directory in an apache system would redirect a NON-WWW to WWW domain.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

This would move to

This allows you to combine ‘pagerank’ so if someone linked to your non-www the pagerank should transfer over to the www… and translate into better rankings…. I stress the word ‘should’ :)

Web Master World Traffic cut in 1/2 as per alexa

I know this isn’t a normally reliable test… however.. due to the prior high traffic levels of Webmaster world… I think the Alexa ranking might actually have some weight… I always thought Alexa was pretty accurate when it came to the top sites that have alot of traffic.. because the base of installed users might be large enough to get a sampling.

It appears that since the banning… Webmasterworld’s traffic has been cut in half.. and declining…

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Why would Webmasterword ban themselves in Google, Yahoo and MSN?

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Honestly we feel there is more to the story then Webmasterworld is telling us. Let’s face it, a website that has a huge percentage of it allocated to SEO would want to be banned in Google?

We have pushed the limits of page delivery, banning, ip based, agent based, and down right cloaking to avoid the rogue bots – but it is becoming an increasingly difficult problem to control.

Down Right Cloaking

These are the Terms and Conditions from Google Guidelines.

Don’t employ cloaking or sneaky redirects.

Google Banned WebmasterWorld not the other way around.

Google sent him by far and large the most traffic..

So when Google gave him the ax.. he figured he would ban Yahoo and MSN because at most that cost him an additional 5-10% so then he could say that ‘I banned all bots’ and get’s a media bonazna.

In our opinion and based upon the documented evidence, we feel that Google banned Webmasterworld and not vice versa.

Backlink and Pagerank Update

We are seeing reports of a backlink and Pagerank update, but even checking the pagerank tool we still have not yet been able to verify this. As it stands now we are assuming it’s either very very limited or a glitch for a limited number of people.

Google Base full of security flaws

Google has fixed a security hole in Google Base that would have exposed sensitive information stored by users of Google’s services. The cross site scripting vulnerabilities discovered by British Computer Scientist Jim Ley would allow an attacker to steal cookies and other information from users, while providing fraudsters with the facility to publish their own forms and receive input using an apparently reassuring Google Base URL.

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