We just wanted to inform the world that we love Gurtie.

Based upon her recent insight into the Quatrains of Nostradamus, she has successfully interterpeted the coming armageddon of the Search Engine Optimization Industry. We have confirmed with the researchers at the Nostradamus Mabus Project and they have validated her research.

Aaron wall makes a great point

I was just reading a post on Aaron Wall’s Blog regarding Media Bias … We know it exits, in fact we even are running an SEO test on the website Reporting Wars / Media Bias for Search Guild, for more information on that you should read the Search Guild Thread It’s our understanding that it is the first Google Sandbox test ever.

MSN to Buy Yahoo

Is MSN going to Buy Yahoo?

Industry rumors have pointed that is very possible. With MSN’s sagging market share, Microsoft can no longer bet that Vista will be the saving grace by doing the same thing that Microsoft did to Netscape, by making MSN search the core of the new OS.

MSN’s best bet would be to buy Yahoo! and gain instant marketshare. Microsoft has the dollars, and Yahoo! has the market share that MSN badly needs. Combined Yahoo! and MSN could pose a threat to Google, however not combined, Google’s marketshare is greater than both of them combined.

If Microsoft is really serious about Search, they have to fully expect they are way behind the ball on this, and must purchase Yahoo! in order to be competitive.

Google Bans Company for fixing Google Algo

It appears that Google banned a company for improving their algo.

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We have not had a chance to look at their improvements on the algo, however it appears (based upon some of the interviews we had with people that have tested it, noted a dramatic improvement.

Google Sitemaps taken offline

It appears that all Google sitemaps must be re-verified…

Brett Tabke resorts to using his Robots.txt as a blog.

Brett Tabke resorts to using his Robots.txt as a blog.

AOL – The key for MSN to survive

MSN can and will survive with or without AOL, because MSN has Microsoft’s deep pockets.

But let’s face it, MSN is a distant third in the Search Wars, With Google taking 1/2 by itself, Yahoo taking 30% leaving MSN with roughly 10% Marketshare and AOL with 5% (powered by Google)… the little fractions remaining are spread among ASK, Dogpile and other tiny search engines.

We know what all the media reports are about market share, sorry guys, we are a bunch of search engine optimizers and know what our clients are reporting and we know what other firms are reporting.

MSN has a dismal market share.

The only real chance (other than the standard Microsoft approach of plugging MSN into Vista to the point where you can’t even visit Google without searching for it in MSN) would be to buy AOL.

This would gain them an additional 50% increase in traffic and put them at roughly 15% market share.

The negatives are that Google and Yahoo both want to deny MSN the chance because they know that MSN will use your desktop to market their product. Anything to slow them down now is a plus.

It’s intresting to see what happens. In our opinion in the end, MSN will buy AOL. They don’t really have much of a choice.

I also predict that Google and Yahoo will make sure MSN pays the highest dollars.

Looks like AOL is winner …. and they don’t even own a search engine. They own a domain name that uses Google.

Search Engine Optimization

This is a hot topic in the SEO / SEM world, are search engine marketing and search engine optimization firms considered Ad agencies?

I went out and edited the Wikipedia post noting that they are ad agencies, based upon the definition of a Ad Agency, that goes out and does media buys, isn’t that what SEM and SEO agencies do?

New Google Link Command

link: (not

site: (not

If you add the space, you will see some dramatic results. Almost ‘Yahoo Like’

We are currently researching the diffrences between the two ‘site’ and ‘link’ commands. However at first glance, it appears that the commands with the space generate increased links, however we have found some cases where the opposite happened.

We should have a report shortly on the two.



ok it appears that this has been a long standing issue and not something new.

McCann Erickson gets $1.35 billion Army ad contract

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 (UPI) — A New York advertising firm has won a $1.35 billion, five-year contract to handle the U.S. Army’s advertising and publicity to recruit and retain soldiers.

McCann Erickson won the contract Thursday, beating out incumbent Leo Burnett USA that originated the “Army of One” campaign.

McCann Erickson will produce not only print, television and radio ads but also the Web site, direct marketing, promotions and special events.

McCann Erickson has its work cut out for it: Bboth the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard missed their 2005 recruiting goals by nearly 20 percent each –a total of about 20,000 soldiers short. The active duty Army missed its goal by 8 percent, about 6,000 soldiers.

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They should be using Yooter InterActive for their search engine optimization and search marketing.

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