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Google Begins to Reopen Registrations for Google Analytics

Google Blogoscoped has an item about the latest with Google Analytics. The company is now saying that some people who previously submitted their email address will “shortly” receive invitations allowing them to register and use the service. Just how many invites are being sent out is not specified in this Google Analytics “status update”. However, it does say that, “not everyone who previously sent us an email address received an invite.”

This update adds:

Currently, we don’t have enough capacity yet to re-open signups for everyone who wants an account…We will continue to send out additional invites as we add more capacity. If you haven’t submitted your email address to us, please do so on our signup form.

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Google Eyes Patent on Dial Ads

Though the growing pay-per-call advertising space is full of competition, Google has filed for a patent on the core technology of automatically dialing an advertiser when a user clicks on an ad. 

The patent application, filed in June 2004 by Google scientist Shumeet Baluja, who was formerly chief technology officer of mobile gaming company Jamdat, was published last week.  Pay-per-call advertising directs customers to call businesses rather than visit their web sites. With recent advances in mobile phone browsing and VoIP, pay-per-call is seen as a big opportunity to bring a wide range of local businesses without web sites into the world of online advertising. By nature, it offers better statistics on customer response than pay-per-click advertising.

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Usernames and being Annoying are now illegal

In a shocking development, that Blogs, Forums, Usenet, and even e-mail that does not have the correct persons name.. if sent or posted.. and the end reader found it annoying.  It could land you up to 2 years in jail.

Thanks to some of research that took place on Sqlspace, it now appears that 

Usernames are Illegal

Tony Blair gets a huge 'liar' Google Bomb


 This one appears to be on the same scale, if not larger than the Bush Google bomb ‘Failure’



Microsoft Shuts Down Chinese Political Blogs

Microsoft Corp. has shut down the Internet journal of a Chinese blogger that discussed politically sensitive issues including a recent strike at a Beijing newspaper.

The action came amid criticism by free-speech activists of foreign technology companies that help the communist government enforce censorship or silence dissent in order to be allowed into China’s market.


What exactly is Google going to announce?

The entire planet is wondering what is going on.. is Google going to announce an OS?  Is going to announce a cheap PC without windows?  Is Google going to announce some earth shattering event…. or is Google going to announce another Google Dance :)

Honestly we do want to know,  We know Bill Gates wants to know.. because virtually every rumor on the Internet is shortly followed by ‘Microsoft won’t be part of it’  meaning any move Google will make is designed to help Google, and punish Microsoft.

We will be on the lookout like the rest of you starting first thing in the AM … (or late night if any leaks occur).

Bush is no longer a failure according to Google

It appears that something is happening on several datacenters as of tonight (Jan 4 2005)

Bush is No longer a failure in Google

Now does this mean that Google Manually removed the results, or is it a shift in movement in terms of link popularity or commonly known as the Google Bomb.

It looks like we were not that off with MSN to Buy Yahoo!

Microsoft comes out swinging

When Microsoft lost its yearlong battle to replace Google as the provider of advertisements on Time Warner Inc.’s AOL Search last month, one analyst described the defeat as “the death knell” for MSN, Microsoft’s Internet service.

Within days, speculation was rampant that Microsoft, determined to keep itself in the game, had offered to buy Yahoo Inc. for $80 billion. If rumors were to be believed, the Microsoft bid — a premium of more than 30% over the Web giant’s current market value — was rejected by Yahoo as too low.

MSN to Buy Yahoo


We have had industry rumors regarding this for some time, but it now appears that it’s official, Google is Launching it’s own OS This should catch Microsoft’s attention.

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