Google Privacy Concerns hit the roof

 It appears that the Google Privacy Concerns have now fully hit the roof.  What would Google want with our entire harddrives sitting on their servers?

 GOOGLE, the internet giant, is planning a massive online facility that could store copies of users’ hard drives – a move set to spark alarm among civil liberties campaigners.

Plans for the “GDrive”, previously the subject of rumour among computer experts, were revealed accidentally after notes in a slideshow were wrongly published on Google’s site.

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The v7ndotcom elursrebmem Picture

v7ndotcom elursrebmem

It has always been said, a picture is worth a thousand words,  especially when it comes down to v7ndotcom elursrebmem.

Top Ranked for v7ndotcom elursrebmem

Our entry for the v7ndotcom elursrebmem is now ranked #1 worldwide.

We actually have several people to thank,  mostly the 2500 members of Sqlspace Breaking Political News that helped out.

Yooter Makes Headlines… Again!

Yooter Makes Headlines in the East Penn Business Journal

The article ‘Search Engine Marketing Becomes Hot Industry”  … our President’s picture is on the front cover.

Yooter has once again made headlines. this time in the East Penn Business Journal


Video Content on Google Video Search

We generally don’t have clients asking to optimize for Google Video Search,  however we were toying with it and put the President’s son on Google Video for some of his very first steps.

 We have to admit, it’s pretty cool.

This is the Full Video

Google Site Creator lasts about 15 min

Google shuts down site creater due to a flood of signups.  Most people by Noon Eastern Standard Time were shown with a ‘site shut down to increase capacity’  message.

 Individual pages will be hosted at “” and each user will be able to store up to 100 megabytes of information, including images. Pages created with Page Creator will be crawled by Google within a few hours, making the content immediately searchable. This is an advantage over other web-site hosts, which can take days to be included in Google’s search results.

Big Mouth Media

It appears according to some Blog postings Big Mouth Media just took it BMW style. 

According to the Blog posting at SEO Roundtable (and we checked in on our end) it appears that the site does not come up for their own domain name, much less relevent terms.  Also a google site: command yeilds no results.

Does this mean that they were pulled from Google?  Perhaps.. however we also want to note that Google is currently doing a backlink and PR update.. though generally sites do not show that level of fluctuation it is possible the two are somewhat related, though unlikely.

Update Feb 24, 2006 – It appears that they are back in the index.. either it was just a momentary blip (likely) or they submited a reinclusion request.  Regardless, they are back in the index and doing well.


New SEO Forum

Generally new SEO forums pop up all the time, but the Association of Search Engine Professionals has assembled some of the best and well known names in the Search Engine Optimization industry.

This is generally unheard of normally, where most forums startup with one guy that knows some SEO and generally starts answering questions.  Instead what they have done is put together some of the best minds in the SEO world.

Major Pagerank and Backlink update in progress

Normally these last a few weeks, but we are seeing massive variations in both backlinks and pagerank across multiple datacenters.



I love Films

I love Films Media Group.   They are perhaps the best Educational Video Company out there!  I spent the day there with them in New Jersey and I have to admit their company culture is excellent and they make people feel welcome there!

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