Who We Are

YOOTER IS: A leader in Interactive Search Marketing, your Strategic Internet Marketing Solutions Agency that specializes in Search Engine and Social Media Optimization.

Yooter InterActive understands the need to drive meaningful visitors to your website. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help search engines find your website, in turn giving your website a visible presence online to potential clients – searching for your products or services.

Our principal goal is to optimize your website so that it will rank at or near the top of the results on search engines such as Google®, or Yahoo®, or Bing. Why is it so critical to be near the top? Industry studies show that most all searchers click on results they find on the first page. The Search Engine industry is constantly changing. As a leader in interactive Search Marketing, we stay on top of those changes for you so you can concentrate on what you know best – your business.

YOOTER IS: The missing team member in your Marketing Strategy.

As a Search Marketing Agency, we believe in working with your full-service advertising agency (which we do not profess to be) to help your business be more successful. We all know that in today’s interactive world, advertising and marketing campaigns that do not include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are not providing your company with the best ROI possible.

At Yooter InterActive, all of our resources are geared toward your company’s SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) needs. Advertising and marketing firms’ expertise is in developing and managing your brand name while our expertise is bringing potential customers to your Website to promote that brand name you have developed with them. This is the reason many advertising and marketing firms hire us to help their clients rank higher in search engines.

Advertising agencies recognize SEO and SEM (pay per click) as some of the most important tools in their arsenal, as newspaper & magazine readership and television viewership has been declining for years.

While we have our own Web designers, we gladly work with your in-house Web designers or your marketing or advertising firm to help you create a Website that is one potential customers, as well as existing clients will find easily and will visit often. Whether you’re a Fortune 100, start-up or somewhere in between, our goal is to help with all your online marketing needs, and increase your overall natural rankings in search engines.