Social and Search Experts

Yooter InterActive Marketing, LLC is a team of experts in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media advertising.

We have been doing SEO and Social Media online for years, our skillset focuses on what tools are open for your firm to use, with little or no cost in terms of hard spends.

We don’t view digital advertising as most agencies do, we view digital or online marketing as what can we do without a media spend. Meaning we feel that armed with a domain name and hosting account we can generate traffic and an ROI for your firm.

This means that we generally don’t want any money allocated to media spends and we don’t want you to fork over your money for online advertising. We feel that the there is enough methods open to us free of charge that don’t need additional funds. It doesn’t cost money to create a twitter feed, or a youtube channel or a facebook profile page. It doesn’t cost money to get people to start discussing your products or service on blogs and on Digg. It just takes effort.

So when you get a proposal from an advertising agency saying “we can see your online viral video for $200,000 and we say we can seed it a fraction of it, it’s because we are averse to paying Hulu to 1/2 the advertising budget to get people to see. We would rather see influental bloggers, news outlets and forums to embed your video free of charge. Because we at Yooter feel that viral is literally viral, not ad spends + hope