Online Press Releases

Press Releases are one of the most interesting aspects of search engine optimization and social media advertising. A press release doesn’t do what it once did years ago if it doesn’t hit key bloggers and google news then you didn’t make a press release.

The problem is that honestly you need bloggers to discuss your press release, you need people to comment, talk about, cut and paste, throw it on digg and start a whole machine running in order to have a valid press release.

Sending it to a handful of journalists these days doesn’t cut it. Not even close.

We own distribution channels that are in Google News, and we take full advantage of it. The fact that the distribution channels are also blogs makes it all more powerful.

With one click it goes out to thousands of twitter followers, shows up in Google News, and also shows up across a network of bloggers.

It’s a well oiled machine, and that machine is what is needed to get a press release out into the wild for individuals to see. We feel that press releases belong not only to the press, but they belong to everyone, and let everyone distribute it.

Maybe it’s not the traditional way of sending them out, but our method works.