Mobile — wow what an increase

Many of our clients are reporting 40% or greater mobile traffic as a complete picture of their overall site traffic.

Meaning 40 out of 100 visitors are now coming in on an iOS or Android device.

It’s directly impacting everything, from how people interface with the site to their purchase habits. It’s become key to success of companies to ensure that their site is mobile friendly.

It’s not that you need to have a mobile site, just a responsive one that adapts to whatever device the person in question is using. Using an iphone, well this is the screen that fits it, using a tablet here’s a screen that fits that.

Mobile users behave differently than desktop. They have a small screen and are most likely sitting on a park bench or sitting passenger in a car. They want to be able to order whatever they are looking for using the most simple way possible. Think of how you use your phone, then adapt your site to that.

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