Ad Agency Reviews

We do this for several of our clients. Yearly or more often we audit the results of their advertising agency. Typically firms hire us to double check how well the advertising agency has done their SEO, Social Media, and overall digital campaign.

We understand the need for full service agencies to have control over the entire campaign, but we are hired to review them. Otherwise without a third party there, discussions can break down to finger pointing rather than finding a solution.

We offer valid discussion points that you can bring up to your agency. For little cost you have an expert review your agencies work. We don’t develop websites, we just make sure they do what they are supposed to do. Such as rank well in Google, or have increased lead generation, or increased sales.

Each time we are contracted to review, most clients expect a 10 page hard hitting document that is typically delivered unbranded that can *almost* be forwarded to the agency as if it was written internally.

These reports serve a talking points with your agency. It’s not meant to give the advertising agency a headache, these are designed to increase the productivity of both the agency and the client. During a meeting a report in hand like that tends to force into the open some practices that warrant a valid debate.

Nearly all the time a solution is made because the document forced into the open a hidden fact.

Some common and not so common issues in recent years.

1 – Traffic was going down.
— Reason? The agency was targeting the wrong keywords. They kept using industry insider language when all their clients were using the common terms.

2 – PPC spend skyrocketed.
— Reason? Organic traffic plummeted and the agency was trying to cover it with additional PPC spend. The reason for the plummet was a manual action in Google. We actually had to fix this for the agency.

3 – Leads are down 10%
— Reason? The agency decided to reorganize the website, burying the contact form deeper in the menu.

Normally the majority of advertising agencies grew into SEO rather than being founded in it. So for most cases they are reliable, however for large sites, or challenging keywords they are somewhat out of their league. This allows for us to expertly cover the client and ensure that the agency is living up to their promises.

We make markets