Little Reward – Find a printer that is under $100 – yet works with Vista, Mac, and Ubuntu

Pottsville PA – We have a task that well is somewhat daunting. It sounds funny to offer a reward of half the total cost of the printer, but it’s not the money that is the issue. It’s the task. We just wanted to see if any big box retailer supports all 4 major OS lines.

We are offering a reward of $50 dollars for a color printer that has native drivers for Windows XP, Vista, Mac and Ubuntu where it could be purchased brand new from a big brand retailer for under $100.

The driver must be able to be added via System / Administration / Printing in Ubuntu (no tweaking drivers or compiling stuff.. it must be easy to use home user support level)
We have 12 machines at the office, each of the machines are well… differing. Our company has an extreme low level of printing. Literally maybe a few pages a week. We store all our data electronically, so printing is used generally if we just wanted a hard copy of a contract or if a few people were in a conference and wanted to see snippets of source code. In short it’s company policy to use computers for what they were designed for, storing, processing and interpreting data.

The reason we set the price so low is because if we had all Windows XP boxes at the office, we could of picked up a printer at Walmart for $40 dollars or less. Shared the printer on one of the machines in the office, and bingo no problem everyone is printing.

Because the volume of printing is so low, even a printer designed for home use would meet our needs. So it’s not the ‘quality’ of printer we are seeking, it’s a price based on what would be typical for a typical home.

The fine print:

You must reply below with the location of where to purchase this printer.

Example Locations:

Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Office Depot, Office Max, Dell, HP

We used those examples and examples only. It’s not a full list and other large vendors are of course valid. Another way to judge if the source is valid is if they have 100 or more locations and / or they have revenues over 1 billion USD.

The person that replies with the lowest cost printer will get the reward sent via paypal.  This post will be open to replies until Friday.  The lowest price wins (that provides support for all the OS’s)

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