Lehigh Valley Advertising Firm, Perfect Six talks SEO, and talks well.

We’re big fans of Perfect Six.    There are a few Lehigh Valley advertising firms that we follow,  but today we’d like to spotlight their post regarding Lehigh Valley SEO.

never ever ever open your store in Reading, PA.  It is better to choose the Lehigh Valley, or even Wyomissing for that matter. …. Google robots have a hard time distinguishing the proper noun from the noun. 

The quote is fantastic, because it’s 100% true.   Reading Bookstore or Reading Bookstore.   One instance you’re talking about Reading, PA  while in the other you’re talking about reading books.

Google has made much progress over the years,  geolocation tends to fix many of these issues,  however those issues have not gone away in entirety.    We still see many reports of mixed up search results when the city name is also the name of something else.

That’s a great post Perfect Six!  We will continue reading your all your latest posts!

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