It’s amazing how little things change in the SEO world

By and large many things change over time.   Cars,  Computers,  and yes SEO but some things stay the same.  Abit for differing reasons.   Years ago it was suggested to keep page sizes smaller.   The reasons were that people were limited on Bandwidth on their dial up accounts in the 1990s.    Today the same suggestions exist, but not because of dial up, but rather because mobile devices with smaller screens are more the norm than the exception.

Mobile bandwidth is an issue as well,  because it’s priced roughly like how dialup was in the 1990’s..  you pay for how much you use,  unlike a residential connection where it’s pretty much all you can eat (to an extent, they’ll still limit you for going out of what is considered normal).

So the suggestion is still there,  however for a differing reason.

I find myself giving out the same advice for a different reason 20 years later.

I find it fascinating how little some things change,  and at the same time how much things do change.

The phone in your pocket has as much computing power (most likely much more) than your huge whitebox in the 1990’s early 2000’s.    The internet is accessible to you anytime and anywhere.    That fitbit on your wrist is connected to the internet… even when you are sleeping.  Uploading your sleep patterns to the cloud.  Where in some instances it’s searchable by others.

That type of technology was not widely available in the 1990’s (though to be fair was accessible to some extent by prototypes and other kinds of never largely adopted technology).    So privacy and other issues were not a concern.   But here’s a tidbit of knowledge .  The first practical usage of an internet connected device was in 1993,  where a bunch of students connected a webcam in front of the coffee pot.  That way they didn’t have to waste a trip to get a cup of coffee when there was none in the pot.

How this differs from today’s tech is sensors,  apps giving you notification when the coffee is low and other types of improvements.   But something is to be said about the 1990’s era hackers that created the whole thing in the first place.

Yes life changes,  but really not as much as you think.



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