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Yooter InterActive Marketing, LLC is proud to announce several speaking engagements to be announced over the next few weeks. This story is developing, as the schedule is being finalized and we should have a full schedule published for our Internet Marketing Speaker circuit.

The overall outline will cover the following:

1 – How Google got to where it is today – you have to know what happened in the past to know where it’s going in the future.

2 – It’s impact on the overall market place and how your firm must adapt to the new reality on the ground.

3 – Emerging technologies such as social media and the social media optimization approach to SEO.

4 – How to have your site built so it ranks well, what platform is better Windows or Linux for a hosting environment in terms of SEO.

5 – How Advertising Agencies and Marketing Agencies could use this as a growth area during a recession, and the reasons many of them don’t.

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