Internet Advertising vs Internet Marketing

Generally speaking many individuals use the words ‘internet marketing’ and ‘internet advertising’ interchangeability. However there are some differences. Internet Advertising is literally just putting out ads there… it could be Adwords or some other type of display, text or video advertising.. generally with the hopes that something goes viral. Internet Marketing however is a far more complicated issue. It’s not just ads.. it’s literally a marketing campaign. Last year for example J.J Abrams ran one of the most powerful internet marketing campaigns in recent history for the movie Cloverfield.

The movie itself was average to say the least, but the hype surrounding it was stellar. It was a robust campaign that included bread crumbs all over the internet… multiple sites.. multiple story lines… it was in itself more interesting than the actual movie.

It generated such hype that average movie generated $170,532,558 in theater sales alone… this figure is not counting DVD sales, on Demand Sales, etc etc… The internet marketing campaign was rumored to cost them 150 grand total. 150 grand wouldn’t buy them much for advertising.. and when the ad is over.. if not memorable it would be literally over.

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