How to combat Google’s PPC Hyperinflation

Yooter InterActive – How to combat Google’s PPC Hyperinflation.

As many of you know, Google recently introduced PPC Hyperinflation for landing pages ‘it doesn’t like’.
For example, one of our clients bids went from 50 cents to 5 dollars in about 15 min flat.

So we set out to reverse engineer what just happened and why some landing pages worked ok.. and others were subjected to the massive PPC inflation.

This is the short list of what we came up with.

1) Back Button must work, page must show a 200 code (not a 302, not a 404… 301’s maybe.. but it flunked in one case).

2) No search or drop down menus on that page… yea we know… we removed the drop down box.. and the bid dropped to 50 cents again.

3) Content must be on the page, meaning the content on the page must match the keyword search.  If you are bidding for ‘widgets’ you must have ‘widgets’ somewhere on the page.   You should also match the content of the ad somewhere on the page.

4) You must … and I repeat must .. not have any type of redirects on that page.. I know we touched on the 200 code earlier.. but that means no javascript redirects for click fraud tracking or anything…  we saw a case of this hitting those minimum 5 dollar bids.

This story is developing as instead of Google giving you a list of what to do and what not.. they decided to just charge everyone their tax… and if you have any comments as well please post it in the SEO Forum

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