Guidelines for SEO – Even Google said we’re doing it right.

We work hard to comply with Google Guidelines. Though typically that means you don’t shoot up in the rankings overnight, it also means you don’t crash the next day. Our methods have always earned respect in the industry. Even from Google itself. It’s not everyday that Google gives a nod on Twitter to an SEO firm for following their guidelines for fortune 500 firms. There are several examples, but here’s one from a few years ago.

We believe that following the Google webmaster guidelines is the safest approach to SEO. You stand very little risk of being penalized for playing the rules and your clients enjoy the confidence in knowing that their internet presence isn’t tarnished. We earned a strong client base simply because we play the rules.

Using a “trick” or a “hack” to get better rankings typically means that same hack or trick will be used against you when the search engines decide to penalize any site that is using that method.

Stay clean and your clients will thank you for years.

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