Google to kill Recaptcha

Google is implementing a system that hopefully will kill the Recaptcha.    You know the most terrible of terrible evils of the Internet.

Right?   No problem,  let us try to enter this in 250 times before we just exit the site.

Well thankfully Google has been testing a way to see if you are a real human or just some spam script using only one click.

The new system uses tons of behind the scenes information.  Such as IP address, blacklists, and a few other tests to see if you are a real human or a spam bot.   If you fail those tests, than automatically the ugly old process kicks in.   However in their tests that vast majority of people never had to reach the second phase.    Meaning that this process overall is a huge improvement that what is picture above.

Thank you Google,  we hope this spreads like wildfire.   It should increase usage rates on blogs, forums and anywhere else that these systems are used.

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